Forage and Grassland Management

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Extension Publications

  • Forages for North Carolina: General Guidelines and Concepts (pdf)
  • Forage Fertilization  (pdf)
  • Forage Quality (pdf)
  • Hay Production (pdf)
  • Hay Quality Index (pdf)
  • Silage and Haylage Production (pdf)
  • Planting Guide (pdf)
  • Production and Utilization of Stockpiled Tall Fescue (pdf)
  • Weed Identification (pdf)
  • Weed ID (online)


Forage Notes

  • Increasing Diversity in Grasslands: Grazing Management Effects (pdf)
  • Corn Silage Variety Testing Report: Waynesville, NC, 2014 (pdf)
  • Matching Cool-Season Annuals with Livestock Needs: On-farm report (pdf)
  • Troubleshooting Hay and Silage Production (pdf)
  • Production and Utilization of Stockpiled Tall Fescue (pdf)



Technical Bulletins (NCSU-USDA/ARS)

  • Annual Grasses Preserved as Silage (pdf)
  • Carostan Flacidgrass (pdf)
  • Cool-season Forage Hays (pdf)
  • Extending the Grazing Season (pdf)
  • Nitrogen Fertilization of Switchgrass and Gammagrass (pdf)
  • Production and Utilization of Forages and Pastures in North Carolina (pdf)
  • Ruminant Preference for Bermudagrass Hay with and withouth Exposure to Swine Lagoon Effluent (pdf)


Extension Bulletins Library (scanned historical documents)

  • Adaptation and Perfomance of Forage Species in North Carolina (pdf)
  • Alfalfa production: 1954 (pdf), 1963 (pdf)
  • Buckwheat production (pdf)
  • Crop rotations: Piedmont (pdf), Coastal Plain (pdf)
  • Corn silage variety testing, Mountains, 2014 (pdf)
  • Establishing and improving permanent pastures (pdf)
  • Forage diseases (pdf)
  • Variety testing reports: 1994 (pdf), 1995 (pdf), 1996 (pdf)
  • Lespedeza
    • Annual lespedezas (pdf)
    • Small grain management effects on lespedeza (pdf)
    • Lespedeza sericea: its place and use (pdf)
  • Ladino clover (pdf)
  • Ladino clover - italian gift (pdf)
  • Making hay (pdf)
  • No-till production systems (pdf)
  • Feeder cattle from Holstein calves: practices and economics (pdf)
  • Plants poisonous to livestock and pets in North Carolina (online)
  • Poisoning plants for livestock: 1943 (pdf), 1950 (pdf)
  • The care and feeding of dairy cows (pdf)
  • The Dune Book (pdf)
  • Winter legumes for soil improvement (pdf)



  • Bermudagrass fertilized with swine manure (Project updates)
  • Alfalfa-bermudagrass hay fields (Project updates)
  • Annual- and perennial hay systems for the Piedmont (Project updates)

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